🇺🇸 Security Lock

by Humberto Walviece

Version 11 (August 13, 2017)

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Update 11

Blocks the screen when there is suspicious activity.

Developed as an aid to the security of Android Marshmallow.

Support & Feedback: http://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/14179

Note: This flow uses the default screen lock of the device as a lock on these activities, if you do not have a PIN or default lock, this flow is not for you.

Activities you can block:
- Device Administrators
- Alert dialogues. Similar to Google account removal, and so on.
- Automate Main Menu

* * * Created by: Humberto Walviece * * *

Feedback is appreciated.

v1: Device Administrators.

v2: Alert dialogues.

v3: Added unlock notification, so that if you unlocked once, you can run freely through the system without further interruptions. Tap the notification to lock again.

v4: Restructured and bug fixes.

v5: Minor changes.

v6: Various improvements.

v7: Bug fixes.

v8: Bug fixes.

v9: Bug fixes.

v10: Safety improvement.
- Blocks Automate Main Menu.

v11: Bug fixes.

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