Premium media flow

by Michael Amoah

Version 1 (July 2, 2017)

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This flow is activated by the user. It will check if there are headphones connected, if there aren't it will attempt to connect to the previously used Bluetooth device, the user will have a choice of if he/she wants to stay connected to that device, if it cannot or the user decides that he/she want to connect to something else it will ask if there is a device you want to connect to (3 device inputs preset), when chosen it will finally ask which app you would like to start (spotify, pandora and soundcloud preset) and turn up the volume to whatever the user decided, and after you unplugged you headphones or disconnect your BT device the volume will go down and it will stop the entire flow. If a BT device is not chosen there is a 30 second timer that will automatically shut off your Bluetooth and turn off the flow.