WiFi on+off via screen

by Chris Sutch

Version 1 (June 11, 2016)

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It is a well documented fact that having your WiFi constantly turned on will drain your android phone of about 8 or 9 percent of its battery daily.

This flow turns on and off the users WiFi state via the phones screen on or off status.

If the phones screen is on (indicating that the user is using the phone) the WiFi will enable and remain on.

If and when the screen is off
the WiFi will disable.

This flow will obviously mean your data allowance may be sucked upon a little whilst the WiFi and screen is turned off bare this in mind.

I myself have set up my phone to only download app updates via wifi. So the only data I use from my monthly tariff whilst this flow is active is upon emails and message apps that use data (like hangouts)

There are quite a few WiFi managers, but most work off the phones stock lockscreen or location. I wanted a flow that managed my WiFi without using the default lockscreen or set locations or gps / cell towers (my cell signal is terrible whilst at home). I wanted a small WiFi flow that was flawless and simple. This flow only starts when the on off screen is triggered.

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