🔎 Searchy (Search Anywhere)

by EnderGFX

Version 1 (August 17, 2017)

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[FREE] [NOT-PREMIUM] Search anywhere with Searchy!

Just turn your System Sounds to 0% and it launches!

•-= FEATURES =-•
- 8 blocks (Light-weight)
- Easy to use
- Customisable
- Supports most apps and games on the Play Store

This only works on Android 4+
It supports most apps and most games
You *NEED* Google (com.android.google) installed on your device! You can change the search engine too (tutorial below)


Firstly, to setup run the flow ONCE and leave it running, after each time you open Searchy, it resets when you close it.

Then, turn down your system volume with the volume keys to 0%

Now, Searchy will open for you to instantly start searching.

And that's it!

Now to customise. The only block you need to change is block "2". You can find it with "Go To" in the hamburger menu. Finally, click "Pick Activity" and find your search app and find a search activity. You'll be looking for something like "com.(appname).searchActivity". Once done that save the flow and launch it. I might release other versions that support other Search engines.


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