­čÜśUltimate Driving Mode (Traduction fran├žaise)

by Vincent Lienard

Version 1 (August 25, 2017)

Download (1,169 downloads)

*Text to speech feature can now be disabled in the settings menu.

*Optional enable Bluetooth and force to connect when driving or plugged in to power source. (Thanks for suggestions Nat!)

*Auxillary now only starts when driving. Removed confirm dialog boxes.

*Settings menu UI improvements.

*Fixed: Failsafe for voice recognition now gives 3 attempts instead of 1.

*Removed the auto reconnect feature. I believe it was confusing and only useful in rare situations.

This is a must try app. Please rate if you like it. Leave a comment if you have any ideas or find any bugs or if you just want to say how awesome the app is. (If you find a bug, please include the version you downloaded).


Auto enable/disable Bluetooth and selected apps

Reads incoming text messages and caller names

Allows voice responses to text messages

Enables when connected to specific Bluetooth device or when headset is plugged in. Can be configured for multiple Bluetooth devices (for multiple vehicles).

Settings menu for configuring app. You no longer have to reinput your settings every time the flow stops. Note that if you edit the flow you will need to reconfigure the settings.