(Not) Honest Attack to Computer's Knowledge

by Diogo Moreira

Version 4 (December 30, 2017)

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Or H.A.C.K., the version of the name that makes sense.

I still didn't think on a better acronym.

This is a simple game, but it's premium.
Nah forget that, the game is at least 3 times as complex as it started.
By the way I got no ideas for anything really nice to add but if you have any suggestion please tell me :)

The objective is to crack a password of a fictional random person, you can only guess so much until you're out of tries.
But if it helps, you can see the public profile of the person, with its complete name, age and biography.
You can also see public posts from the victim.

[Update 30/09/17(the correct way to write dates)]
Version 4

>Update checker and downloader.
>Guide for everything.

[Quick Fix 29/09/17]
Version 3

>Fixed a mistake where the window wouldn't show the correct number of tries left.

[Update 29/09/17]
Version 2

>Added followers and friends count, they're useless.
>Added posts: These might define the password too, there aren't many possible right now but I don't plan to expand it yet.
>The posts have likes and comments based on friends and followers, they're also useless.
>The password is now a bit better to guess, as there's no possibility of getting a password composed by a word and a random digit.
>The limit of tries has increased to 7 now, but my guess would be that it's still harder than before.
>Fixed some biographies, some of them.
>Possibly optimised password generation, at least in block quantity.

[] < Barrier for the updater, so that even if it reads every single change log it won't ever pass from here.

-The game tells you how many characters you got right every try(because otherwise there's no strategy).
-You can see previous tries to think better about the next one.
-There can be numbers in the password but never more than 2.
-Characters are always older than or 18 because hacking kids is just too much.
-Maximum possible tries before account lock is 7(before it was 3, just like some websites).
-Completely random, the chance of anything being exactly the same twice is just too low to even consider possible.

TODO List:
*Make some biographies more clear about how they can be useful.
*Add more stuff.
*I want to keep updating frequently, but I probably won't(30/12 Yup I didn't).

--80 blocks--

Please, don't use a password like these.

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