Spy Camera(Read description, Important!)

by Talha Yiğit (Like Butonu)

Version 1 (October 10, 2017)

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Important Note: Pictures and videos saving to "Download" file location from your phone/tablet for don't catching. You must have an file explorer from your phone. Some phones have this app.But if your phone don't have this app you can download any file explorer app from "Google Play Store" on Android or "App Store" on IOS. And i recommend to xhange this flows title and description after downloading this flow for don't catching.

Take video and picture with no catching. And non-premium!

Not: "Ajan Kamera (Açıklamayı oku, Önemli!)" adı ile Türkçesi bulunmaktadır.

This flow will ask you first "Whic One Is It? P, V".
P is photo, V is video.

If you select P, you must wait 1 second. Befor select P, you must rotate camera to target point. After waiting one second picture will be taken.

If you select V record will start and flow asks you "Whic One Is It?". If you select G, from this question, it will keep recording video. To stop recording you must press "Stop" from automate. If you press D, recording will be end. If you want keep recording, you can keep don't answering question. When your recording is end and you want finish recording, you can press D.

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