Pokemon Go in background.flo

by Alberto Farfugli

Version 1 (December 3, 2017)

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This flow does the following:
while you are playing pokemon go, pressing volume up or down key will make the screen black, the touchscreen will be disabled and the hardware keys will be disabled except for the volume up/down keys. Pokemon Go will still run in background, keeping gps active, so it will keep counting kilometers (e.g. for hatching eggs). You can keep your phone in your pocket and walking without being worried to mess up with the touchscreen. The phone will also vibrate when a wild pokemon is encountered. To unlock the phone simply press volume up or down key. I find this flow very handy especially because when you unlock the phone you don't have to wait the data sync.

For this flow is required to have the app "touch protector" installed, which is avaliable on the play store. Configure Touch protector this way:
1) give the app all the permission that it needs (accessibility)
2) in the "hardkeys" menu disable every unlock way except for the volume up/down keys
3) in the "while locked" menu set the backlight control to 0% and disable "sleep when inactive"
4) in the "lock design" menu choose the black preset and set the opacity to 100%
5) In the "about this app" menu enable the autostart and lock screen now
6) in your phone settings, hide touch protector notifications

*This flow is not suitable for those who play with music and sound effects on, since it will always keep the game volume at 50%.

*Before using the flow, disable the touchscreen a couple of times directly from Touch Protector, then reboot your phone. This is required to let Automate detect the app activity.

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