by Steven White

Version 4 (October 22, 2017)

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Want to wake up your device without touching it? There's a flow for that. Introducing ProxWake, a (slightly) revolutionary new flow designed to wake up your device, and you don't even have to touch the power button.

No premium edition needed!

No root needed!

Any comments or concerns? Contact me at my email address: Be sure to use the subject title of:
Automate Flow Feedback: ProxWake.
This helps me out with getting back to you, as sometimes my email doesn't properly detect important messages. Thanks!

Change log:

Version 4
Forgot to make the notification do anything. Now it stops the whole flow.

Version 3
Bug fixes.
Apparently I forgot to connect the end of the flow back together.

Version 2
Minor work, just moved around the "Screen on?" Block so that it looks nicer.

Version 1
Initial release.