[Moto Z series devices] Mod battery level widget

by Alberto Farfugli

Version 1 (October 27, 2017)

Download (124 downloads)

This flow grab the current turbopower pack battery level from the persistent notification of Moto Mods Manager and send it to KWGT ($(tasker,cazzinculo)$). Then in KWGT you can create your own widget with the mod battery level automatically updated.

*This flow requires Autonotification plugin (available on the playstore, unfortunately it is not free) to grab the notification content
*If you don't know how to use KWGT it takes sometime to learn how to create the widget. Hint: first, create a text object and in the formula write $(tasker,cazzinculo)$
*Moto Mod Manager has a different name in my country (I live in Italy and it is called "Gestione Moto Mod"). You may need to change some thing in Autonotification plugin/automate blocks to let the app recognize the right package.