Brightness Auto

by Baptiste Bessonneau

Version 1 (November 5, 2017)

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This flow is outdated, please use this one instead :

Automatically turn on auto brightness when there is a lot of light, and then go back to original state (auto on/off & brighntess level).
The goal of this flow is to be able to read your screen when going into bright places, without changing your settings.

This flow can also be reversed to do the opposite : lower screen brightness into dark places.

Block number / function
2 : light sensor threshold
3 : save current settings
4 : set auto-brightness on
5 : delay before restoring settings
6 : restore settings
7 : prevent settings retore if auto-brightness was disable

7 Blocks (Premium free)

Request if you want more features (notification to pause flow, lower brightness in dark places,...)

This flow should be totally debugged by myself, enjoy : )

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