Secret Audio Recorder(Important!Read description!)

by Talha Yiğit (Like Butonu)

Version 1 (November 1, 2017)

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First of all, it's non-premium. And this flows purpose is recording audio from far away. The range is your bluetooth devices range.

Secondary, you must have an bluetooth headphone or an audio recordable device. If you have an bluetooth headphone, you must have an microphone on this headphone.

The records are saving to the "Download" file location on your phone for privacy. You must have an file explorer from your phone. Some phones have this app. But if your phone don't have this app, you can download any file explorer app from "Google Play Store" on Android or "App Store" on IOS.

When you download flow, first you must edit the flowchart. Enter to edit on flow, then you must touch to "Connect a BT device", it's under two blocks of "Flow Beginning" block. So fourth block from "Flow Beginning" block. Then just touch to "Pick a device" button from "Connect a BT device" block and select your bluetooth device.

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