What's up online? V2

by Marko Zajc

Version 1 (November 17, 2017)

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Ever wanted to easily monitor all your flows, even for NON-PREMIUM? Now you can!

If you have trouble finding your flow's ID, you can use my "What's my ID? V2"!

How to set up:
#1 Run "Run" starting point

#2 Enter your flow's ID (can be obtained with "What's my ID? V2"

#3 Enter your flow's name (will be used in reports)

#4 Choose whether to store this configuration (you can use "Load" starting point to load stored flows!)

#5 Repeat this for every flow you wanna track

#6 Every time you turn the screen on, you will be informed of any new ratings/downloads for each tracked flow!


This is a reworked version of "What's up online?" this rework includes:
* Premium is no longer required in order to run this flow
+ Now it remembers your flows if you want it to and lets you easily run all configurations if you accidentally stop the flow
* Way better message displaying system
- No longer supports tracking flows with "ID Bank" or "ID Bank premium"
- No longer confirms that an ID is valid before tracking it

Hope you like this rework because it really did take me a lot of time to shrink it from 57 blocks to 30 and even add the functionality everyone wanted!

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