Spanish learn

by Flareriderdash

Version 1 (December 14, 2017)

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Non premium

Uses measure app storage space
Uses accessibly

Waits for two preset times (that you can set within the first few blocks in the flow)

Checks if Duolingo and lingvist are installed ( notifies if either are missing and exits)

Makes you stay in either (Duolingo , lingvist) app for a preset time (set by one of the delay timers)

If you leave app flow will put you back into app after a set time(preset 5s placed in one of the time delays)

Runs both timers for both apps at the same time.

Kill flows after time limit and notifys when time is up. Unlocking apps

If app (lingvist or Duolingo ) doesn't start it will actively start app again after failure

Checks if screen is on. If screen is off flow will wait until screen is turned on (untested)

Works on non premium accounts