Email Attachments Auto Download V2

by Adnene Labidi

Version 1 (December 17, 2017)

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This flow will check how many unread email you have from a specific sender with his email address that you will have to save in the set variable fiber, then after each new unread email it will notify you the total number of unread emails and download the latest new attachement from your drive saved by IFTTT under the path "IFTTT/GmailAttachments-SenderEmailAddress" and will save it in your phone in "Downloads/GmailAttachments-SenderEmailAddress" with the original file's name along with all the old attachments and then copy it with "last.pdf" as new file name and paste it in "EmploiActuelle" folder as a single file so you can create for it a shortcut with another android app which will always open without need of any additional parameters.

Important : you will have to create a new label in your gmail inbox named like the email address of the sender and you will have to go to and use the "Automatically save new email attachments in Gmail to Google Drive" applet configured with "IFTTT/GmailAttachments-{{FromAddress}}" in drive folder path.

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