Uninterrupted Sleep

by Stephen Burgo

Version 1 (December 17, 2017)

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- Sets phone to alarms only between 8.30pm to 5.30am if phone is charging plugged in and ambient light is less than 1.
- Speaks to notify of "Night Mode On/Off".
- When phone is plugged in within the set time period but not dark, it will scan every 10 seconds to see if it is dark.
- Will remain in alarms only until phone is unplugged to accommodate sleeping in.

To adjust the time period change both time blocks to your bed time, and the duration to the amount of hours you sleep.

Log file will build up quickly if you have phone plugged in during time period but have the light still on. May only be a problem for people who read in bed. Extend scan time delay or disable logs if this affects you.

Created by Steve Burgo

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