NTD AntiTheft

by Niels Triple

Version 7 (January 19, 2018)

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build 201801191930
Premium flow! No root required.

Command your phone through SMS when it's lost or stolen!

Borrow a phone to SMS your password and:
lock: lock the phone, even if the thief knows the phone's code, now it's also locked with your password.
call: let your phone call the borrowed phone.
location: get an SMS back with the exact location of your phone.
alarm: phone will sound alarm that can't be muted.
pics: receive pictures of everyone who failed to log in to your phone, in the last 2 days.
disarm: stops alarm.

The options lock and alarm will even survive a reboot, if Automate starts your flows at boot.
NTD AntiTheft checks on startup if it was triggered before the phone was turned off.
NTD AntiTheft will always take a picture in case of a failed log in.
SMS answers will also be mailed to you.

Created on a Galaxy S8
Changelog builds:
201712300000 it's live!
201712310000 password isn't stored as txt file anymore.
201801110000 major bugfix, please update!
201801120000 added pics option. Alarm mode will unmute itself when muted by thief.
201801191930 multiple updates + switched to buildnumbers in stead of versions

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