🔄Jerk to Rotate⤵🔄 (v1.1)

by gameboy17

Version 2 (January 3, 2018)

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The convenience of easily rotating the screen when you want to, without the inconvenience of easily rotating the screen when you don't.

Autorotate is annoying when using your device while lying down. But it's a pain to keep turning it on and off when you do want to change it. If only you could, say, rotate it extra-hard to change orientation...

Turn your device quickly on its side to switch to landscape mode. Turn it upright to return to portrait (more sensitive than switching to landscape). Turn it less quickly on its side and it'll stay in portrait mode until you turn it upright again.

[🆓No Premium]
-Uses only 15 blocks, leaving plenty of room for tweaking.

[🔑No Root]
-Avoids using functions that require a rooted device.
-Fully tested without root.

[⚡Power friendly]
-Automatically disabled when autorotate is on. Resumes within a minute of turning it back off.
-Checks orientation only when acceleration detected, which takes much less power to check.

[🌈🐈 Project Fully Automated Catgirl]

-Added 1s delay after setting orientation to fix bug where it detected the old orientation instead of the new one
-Returning to ready state after tilting into "fake" landscape is now more sensitive

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