Finding phone Premium v 2.0

by Alexander Gorulya

Version 1 (January 3, 2018)

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--[ Non root ] + [ Premium ]--
(more than 30 blocks)
Sometimes you can't find your phone and phone silent. No problem, just send SMS with following text:
-"gps"(without quotes) :
You'll get SMS with GPS location your phone.
-"wake"(without qoutes) :
Phone will now switch from silent mode. You can then ring your phone and find it.
Additional flow tests battery level of phone. If it less than 10% the flow will modify phone settings, doze screen, keyboard,
CPU and send SMS to Alarm-phone.
This program can be used when order people or children have got lost with phone.
Prelimimary set the number of your Alarm-phone.
V 2.0
1. Up/lower Cose for SMS test.
2. Added location for battery level alarm SMS