YouTube: Skip & Mute Ad (2018)

by dtslayer 9000

Version 7 (March 27, 2018)

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29 Blocks 😮 (Ver. 7 : 3/27/18)
The original flow was refined for English audiences, and now I am able to refine it even further!

Updated checks to remove ads as of March 27.

Fixed an issue when the flows duplicate when the device turns off when YouTube is open. (Redone)

Improved automation (Increase blocks from 26 to 29.)

Supports Android version below 4.3
(But unable to skip ads.)

Supports devices who can't use Foreground App Check block.

Fixes a issue where 5 second ads caused a extended mute.

Fixes a flow lock discovered in the Android -4.3 flow.

Any advertisement is now muted properly. Additionally, this flow skips it for you! Built for the YouTube app. Must haves for YouTube music without YouTube Red.
Original flow by Johannes Müller.
English flow by August B.

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