Defence System (PRO) Gmail

by Lisa Ann

Version 1 (January 14, 2018)

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This is a combinded flow. I used a copy of
Anti Theft flow(PRO)
and combined it with my
Intruder Alert 📷 📬☡


This is a security flow for your smartphone...
In case, If your phone gets stolen or lost. Just send an SMS to your phone to LOCK & LOCATE it.

All the SMS commands are listed inside the flow...

Has a few features:

1) Captures picture with front facing camera.
2) 'Toast' Message, and tts alert saying 'Intruder alert'
3) 'beep-beep' auido alert for 3 seconds
4) Captures location and writes to txt file and email
5) Appends 'Intruder' to flow log (if you shut log off it will only show this entry

1) 'Toast' message 'Intruder Alert Triggered # times' if there was a failed login
2) Places notification on status bar.

Defender System (PRO) advanced email configuration mode.

Email error corrected