Screen Security (Read Description!)

by Talha Yiğit (Like Butonu)

Version 1 (January 15, 2018)

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This flow lock your screen instantly when it opens until the sensor closes with anything. (The sensor near of the camera.)

Note: I recommend start this flow with shortcut on the main screen. Because when you press power button, there is a little space between the screen turning on and of. In this space strangers can stop the flow. Or before closing and opening the sensor with your finger, close the automate. You will understand what i mean with saying "Close and open sensor with your finger.".

First of all you must close and open the sensor with your finger when you start flow. You must do it every time you start flow. When you turn the screen on, put your finger on the sensor before turn screen on and hold your finger on the sensor until you stop flow. Turn the screen on when you close sensor with your finger.

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