Automate library.

by Max Pare

Version 1 (January 17, 2018)

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Root may be required for SOME functions.
Flow beginnings with R before the name indicates that root is required to run them.

Allows you to call some basic/complex functions with one block (flow start) instead of doing the whole thing every time you need it.

Practical example:
you want your phone to toggle mobile data at 15:00, instead of using from 2 to 5 blocks you can use on single block that does the same thing. This could be useful for very experienced Automate users allowing them to significantly reducing the time and blocks used in their flows (and for lazy people too).

How to use:
Simply download this flow and when you need one of it's function use a "Flow start" block and select the flow beginning you want.

Please come back every once in a while to check for updates because i WILL be adding more features, unless i state that i stopped doing so.

Current functions:
-enable offline mode
-disable offline mode
-toggle offline mode
-toggle mobile data
-toggle NFC
-toggle Bluetooth
-toggle GPS