Application Notification

by Mark Good Jr

Version 20 (February 7, 2018)

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Updated! 02-06-2018

It dose so always with a 'Toast' message.
Has options to use tts read of notification, auido alert, e-mail notification.
1) Select Alarm Tone.
2) Set time block for alert. (Medium or skipped alerts. High alert always bypasses this)
3) Set location to be silenced at. (Medium or skipped alerts. High alert always bypasses this)
4) Duration of alarm (including till acknowledged. High alert is always till acknowledged)
5) 4 application monitoring
6)Separate "High" and "Medium" alert Filters to only allow containing tags thru or trigger diffrent alarm.
7)Feature to check for new version upload of flow. With options to manually check or auto check.
8) Auto start/stop monitoring application when flow is running and application is in forground/background

PRIMARY UPDATE CHANGE: (Version 17-19 01/30/2018)
Flow filter subroutines were bypassed in flow (v17). The menu options and command line is now restored and repaired (v19)
It was disabled and rewritten. As well as a second filter added. This alows to filter for high level and medium level alerts will disregarding outhers. The filters also included an option to dismiss any monitored alerts the filters pass over automaticly if they do not match high and/or med alert levels. While all monitored alerts are saved in a log regaurdless of filter level.

Highly recommend anyone with versions prior this update flow and reset configuration. (Settings Menu/Flow Reset or delete directiry "notice"

Currently working on editing settings subroutines.
Primarly the application selection and editing.
I will not likely relise another version for awhile unless i get feedback about any issues.