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Version 1 (February 15, 2018)

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This is a little project of mine that I have worked on over last week. This is a stopwatch which I have made with start/stop capability. This flow only comes with a start/stop function sadly. I might implement a reset feature later on. But this will depend if the community likes this flow, and want me to carry out more updates.

************How to Use************
Tap the sensor of your phone's proximity sensor to pause the stopwatch at any time! Tap it again to resume it. To reset the stopwatch, stop the flow then start it again!

************Notied Bugs************
The following bugs have been noted, and will work on a fix for them soon!

⚠️ Bug #1: If you pause the stopwatch at exactly 60 seconds or minutes, and then resume the stopwatch, the stopwatch would fail to reset the second or minutes value to 0

🔧✅ Solution: Stop the flow, then start it again

📡 Please leave a review if you found any other bugs that are not listed in the description, and I will get right to fixing them!

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