./form_dialog --version 2

by Diogo Moreira

Version 2 (March 20, 2018)

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# Premium
$ Flow I made for personal use, at least at first. Basically makes it easier to ask a lot of information from the user at the same time.

$ So if I want to know the name, age, and gender of the user I don't have to ask each one in this sequence, or spend a lot of time hard coding this UI. I can just use this and show a form with the fields "name", "age" and "gender" with around 9 blocks, depending on how I do it.


Now there's three more field types possible, shown below.
There's some other differences but I'm not going on detail right now.

# Currently, there are *6* types of fields:
$ String: With options to change what type of input you want (number for example).
$ Check box: A simple toggle button.
$ Combo box: Basically you tap it and a sub menu appears with options, it's a string but restricted to specific values.
$ *Label*: Text that does nothing when pressed.
$ *Expand box*: Does nothing alone, but can hide other fields. Useful for organising the interface.
$ *Radio buttons*: Like check boxes, but when a radio button is enabled, the others are disabled. The entry "buttonGroup" allows for multiple groups of radio buttons.

$ If run, the flow will execute an example that shows how it can be used to make end-user level interface with less blocks/time. It uses 6 blocks, mainly because it's the same flow and doesn't have to figure out the flow id.