Automagical Bluetooth Mangler

by Jonathan Zuniga (Z)

Version 7 (June 29, 2018)

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My iPod died so I needed Bluetooth for in car tunes. Radio sucks and I'd rather control my tunes than let some radio DJ play what he thinks is cool.

This flow is setup to turn on your Bluetooth, wait a bit for connection, check to see if you're driving and will then kick on location settings via quick settings interactions once your in car Bluetooth is connected, then kick off location when you disconnect. If your car's Bluetooth doesn't connect in that time, it'll turn off and start that Bluetooth cycle over again. Good for battery savings. Pretty easy.

Just like my car mode flow, this requires your location to be set to high accuracy for navigation apps.

v1-initial release
v2-rerouted the end of the flow
v3-completely revamped. More automagical now
v4-added a catch fail for the driving mode section
v5-fixed the driving section of the flow to disable GPS and such on BT disconnect
v6-some bug fixes
v7-deleted unnecessary connect blocks and cleaned up the flow

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