📱All app data usage 🌐

by Ethan Grant

Version 2 (March 14, 2018)

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[Non-premium] ✔
Track all app and show you data usage of each and separate app.
⚠ android 6 or rooted device required

◾Initial scan will filter for only app with activity and get their data usage since beginning.
◾Passive scan will calculate delta usage of each app to get how much data has used since initial scan and show on notification. But at a much slower pace to reduce battery consumption and allow user to leave it running in the background for longer period of time. (improvement to previous version)
The notification is also interruptive, while it's ongoing you can swipe to cancel it and begin Full scan.
◾Full scan is similar to Passive scan, run thought all app one last time and show report of all app data usage.

Flow setting
tolerance: "0.2" mbs (app with low data usage won't display, set 0 to show all)

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