[0.02.2] YouTube - Kill at 🌃 @loeen

by Google User

Version 1 (March 14, 2018)

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Asks you time when to kill YouTube (com.google.android.youtube) with prompt. If you declined, waits given interval.

Prompts time on start. Exits if ignored (for 25 sec).
Time stores in atomic, so if you'll ignore prompt for 10 sec on next flow start it would load previous value.
When it's time you've set prompts to close YouTube.
Kills YouTube anyway if this prompt window is timeouted (10 sec).
Doesn't kill YouTube if no superuser, locks device instead.

0.01 - posted
0.02 - rating update
* shows notification asking for a comment and rate. Jumps to this thread if tapped and hides forever
0.02.1 - hotfix
* fixed null error after flow restart
0.02.2 - hotfix
* fixed repeated flowing errors
* improved atomic stability
* paralleling optimisations

high - test no root
high - optimize dialogs
med - finalize flow (to release version 1.00)
low - add auto update and upload new version (for premium users)

t.me/loeen for contact