Wi-Fi Boinc Mitigation Multiple Devices v1

by cristi purdel

Version 1 (March 22, 2018)

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This flow is based on "Turn off and on Wi-Fi continuously" from TAKASHI SASAKI. Domo Takashi-san!

Since I have a lot of Android devices, around 20, my router is kind of resetting when all of them are online.
Also some devices are loosing Wi-Fi connectivity since they have a cheap antenna.

I mostly use this workaround for medical projects from WCG.
I basically have each Android device come online for 3 minutes in order to get new tasks and upload finished one, and then go offline for 2 hours.
If everything is going smoothly, around 40 devices take turns in a span of 2 hours, so the router should have a different device connected every 3 minutes.

The first delay time outside of the loop should be incrementally increased for each device.
From the app settings, I enabled "Alarm clock & native time" for "Timing accuracy workaround".
I am hoping to have a more accurate reading for "Delay" Proceed>Exact settings.

For future updates, I will increase the version number and hopefully implement an additional fiber for rebooting the phone if the "get CPU speed" is under a certain value.
If e.g. the last core has not done any work in the last 9 hours reboot the phone.
I am still trying to think of a solution, if someone is reading this, then please post a comment for own solution.