Check Calendar working date

by Евгений Ткаченко

Version 2 (April 23, 2018)

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This flow returns (with broadcast sending) info about transferred as props "date" calendar date (Now by default) in dictionary format: isWorking: boolean, isShort: boolean.

Program uses both calendars: personal if exist file "/Automate/privateCalendar.json" (your personal holidays, when you do not work) and country calendar (official holidays, saved in program, by default - Russian 2018 state holidays). Country calendar is hardcoded in program.

Example of both calendar formatting:
{"2018": ["1-8", "","7*,8,14,15", ...]}.
Dictionary keys - year; dictionary value - array of 12 monthes string. Month string - separated by comma not working dates of month (exception: date with * is short working day). In example there are holidays: 1.01.2018-8.01.2018, 8.03.2018, 14.03.2018,15.03.2018; and short working day-7.03.2018.

NOTE: use this flow as part of your own flow (with Start flow block). Enjoy!

Example of usage:
- another community flow "Night silence mode for baby sleep".