Cyanogen GeoProfiles 1.0.01

by google user

Version 3 (May 6, 2018)

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A geofence powered profile switcher

*ATTENTION: Only for ROMs using a cyanogen (lineageOS) compatible system profile framework*

° permission notes:
• internet: update query (wifi,ethernet)
• files: open editor, import and start updated flow
• ui: quality of life (open quicksettings, back out of pulldown)
• notification: posting and removing an informative note
• system settings & location: well, thats pretty obvious now? (switching system profiles & geofencing)
• observe: honestly, i dont really know.

° Dictionary based locations for persistance (dont need to enter locations again)
▶ if location dictionary is empty, you are prompted for places. when done, press cancel on naming a new place. flow will open editor on set variable block for you, asking you to paste the constructed dictionary literal to the value field.

° dedicated fork for every location to avoid lock up

° update will start the new flow and transfer profile selection

° special locations:
• threshold profile for when you enter a location
• car profile
• outside profile

× outside
is for setting the device secure (keyguard) and switching connectivity (wifi ▶ mobile data),
× threshold
is to turn on wifi while outside and bt is used (while listening to music on bt phones or car audio when coming home doesnt kill the connection premature). will switch to the location's profile when disconnected.
× car
profile is strictly optional, i implemented the logic to turn off the ringer (car audio rings by default) and maximize media volume when connecting to my car.
▶ choose any system profile and just press cancel when 'select bluetooth' pops up to make that fork end itself.

release history
3 update chain was wrong (block numbers), update note shows changes, consolidated block numbers
2 final
1 getting id