(EN) Multitask Flow+Tasker+Theft lock(NoRoot)

by Pascal Keller

Version 5 (September 3, 2018)

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System notification + Tasker + Theft Lock

Version 4
Voicesystem improved

Version 4
Battery Voicesystem improved

Version 3
- Bugfix

Version 2
- Voicesystem improved

Version: 1
- Battery Voicesystem Added
- Auto Play (BT & Cabel) Added
- Auto Wirelles Added
- Theft Look Added
- Charge Mode Added
- Silence Remover Added
- Notification Voicesystem Added
- Status Popup Added
- Flashlight proximity Added

1. Battery level is spoken at charge
2. Low battery alert
3. Automatic Wlan detector
4. Theft Lock
5. Generates notifications upon activation of wlan and more
6. Voice system
7. Silence Remover
8. Flashlight proximity
9. Auto Play (BT & Cabel)

How to:

1. Battery level is the load after a certain time repeatedly auditioned

2. Battery level is auditioned at low charge

3. Wlan is automatically knocked off if there is no connection but also turned on automatically.

4. Anti-theft with own codeword what must be written via sms to the mobile phone. (Device is locked and located) After about 1 minute because you get location by sms back

5. Shows a toast if wlan, mobile data and more turned on and off

6. Similar to 5. Only everything is auditioned

7. Mobile phone misplaced and the sound is off? With an own codeword that must be sent via sms to the mobile phone must be changed that change now!

8. Flashlight is powered by double pressure on the proximity sensor. Press once again and the flashlight goes off again

9. Music will automatically start when connected with a bluetooth device. Also by cable. (Google play music is needed)