Complex phone lock

by Blue Me Only

Version 3 (May 28, 2018)

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Complex lock for intruders with multiple locks, and in case you loss your device.

Msg the device this flow is on "location here" and it'll start a pattern of locks you may change the >passwords< and to what you like and the screen locks but at the very end if the intruder can't get into your device then the device will lock it self up and start connecting a call to your emerging number with speaker on as for me that'd be >911<

Warning! Use this flow with caution!
You been warned!

*updated, bug that spammed when soundup was turned on should be fixed. V1

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By blue!

"NikoHD 203" I'm here to write reviews to fix and like flows, not to gamble ratings and confuse people with flows because others want attention.

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