by Purnima Saxena

Version 1 (May 10, 2018)

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Smart Wi-Fi Manager
Current Version 2.5.

This Flow will manage your wifi connection as best as could be.
It will check every interval given if a recognized network is available through wifi. When connected to network it will also check the connection validity (by pinging google) and will disconnect from wifi if no Internet connection.

Next version will also be triggered by charger connection.

V1.0 checks wifi between timeout given.
V2.0 Checks internet connection between timeout given.
V2.1 Fixed bug with delaytime.
V2.2 Subroutine replaced by fork.
V2.3 Fixed fork leaking when no internet connection.
V2.4 Fixed another fork leaking with pinging fork.
V2.5 Removed scan interval dialog.