NetScan (networkmapper & portscan)

by Niels Triple

Version 3 (December 30, 2018)

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Premium flow! No root required.

NetScan is a simple networkmapper (see who's currently on your network) and a simple portscan.

Find out who's on your network by scanning it!
1: simple scan (may not find hidden devices that ignore PING requests)
2: intense scan (has found everything on my network, hidden / ignoring PING or not)
I was not able to access ARP tables (no root), so the MAC addresses are not visible. But I did add some common HTTP ports to the scans, to see if a name can be pulled from a login page.

I'm not really sure if the portscan will find all open ports, but while testing I found open SSH, HTTP, PPTP, HTTPS, and TELNET ports. I also scanned with nMap, and didn't find anything other than what NetScan has allready found!
I would love to find out if other users have similar positive results!

For everything goes:
- As long as there is more than 1 (one) active fiber, the scan is still active and ongoing!!
- All scans will be logged to a .txt file.
- This flow will show lots of errors in the log. Nothing bad will happen, in fact, this flow NEEDS to use those error logs to make this flow do what it does.

Made and tested on a Galaxy S8.
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201805252035 forgot something

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