[Read descr] Lockscreen Threats

by Lone Stars

Version 1 (May 27, 2018)

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Doesnt require premium. So I got pissed off at all these same 'lock screen security' cr-💩pps so I made one, but upped it and now if ya wanna look like a straight up coding bad💢ss by your friends, get this one, it will change the photos of your lockscreen when ya/of some jack🕵🏿‍♂️d's f🆗️sup the password (the photos are changeable) and it will even (eventually if they fail enough) threaten the tiny mortal who screwed up your epic passcode

Long story short if someone f🐒cksup the password on your lockscreen it changes it to whatever photo you chose and it does it two times (you get 3 attempts total but you can increase it to as much you want just copy paste that little bit of code) before it threatens that 🐱unt whos trying to tear into your phone to get the f🆗️ off your phone (recommend increasing volume in the code though cause it's kinda quite (which is my preference))

As you can see you need to do a little work to make this app work to your specifications, also say they/you do screw up and it changes said background, but then get the passcode correct, then do as you please, press your sleep button on your phone, then rember that you needed to call 911 because your home is on f🆗️ing fire or what ever, and you slap your phone awake and wolla It has changed the wallpaper back to what it was (you need to put in your current wallpaper (it's that top flow wallpaper box (top left)) and you will sit there in shock at how far technology has gotten, as your family burns in your home... enjoy this app or I will hunt you down

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