Li-Ion Battery Protection

by Elder Souza

Version 7 (June 20, 2018)

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This flow allows you to recharge your Li-Ion battery only to a specified level.

- *Root* is required.
- Tested in Samsung S5 with Lineage 14.1.

There are (basically) two problems that reduce the Li-Ion batteries life: the temperature and recharge until 100% (high voltage).

You can read more about this on these two sites:

So, using this flow you can configure a desirable minimum and maximum battery level.

- Version 4: More understandable and simpler flow;

- Version 4.1: Now you can pause (touch) or stop (swipe out) this flow on your notification system.

*** Changes: ***
a) A few rearrangement to reuse some blocks;
b) A fork to allow pause or stop the battery protection;
c) To cancel status notifications after 10 seconds to not flood the notification system.