New Recognition Method_Sanit

by 2.0 HolyDamn

Version 3 (June 23, 2018)

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V3: Let confidence score decide the result of recognition.


V2: Fixed the Flow Start block.
Forgot to make variables to be arrays.

Use 3 blocks to do all the recognition, no matter how many key words are in your flow.

All you need is sift.

Use single word as key word is recommanded. You can combine key words as special conditon this way.

You can even add catalogs recognition blocks for some purpose.

This is a global module for all devices , pls read and fully understand those two variable set blocks and that flow start block to make this method workable.
This is my first uploaded flow, any feedback would be appreciated.

I didn't check all recognition flows in the community. If you thought you had post this method already before, pls show me the hyperlink. I'll delete this flow right after I'm sure you did post your flow earlier than me.