Sleep Timer [NON-PREMIUM]

by Christopher Bishop

Version 3 (June 29, 2018)

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Starts a device-wide sleep timer for any duration you want. After the first start it will use the previous duration (see Options Menu for how to change).

After the sleep timer is finished a dialog will pop up asking if you're asleep. Tapping "Still Awake" will reset the timer. Tapping "No" or waiting 90 seconds will lock the device.

Once the device is unlocked after the sleep timer finished it starts again.

Options Menu
To open the options menu, tap the sleep timer notification.

Reset Duration
Changes the duration of the timer and resets it.

Stop Timer
Stops the timer and closes the flow.

Change Log
- Saves last duration used.
- Added options menu.
- Removed 10 miniute minimum.
- Removed 5 minute reminder.

- Added duration block to choose time.
- Changed notification to dialog box (no longer requires higher android version).

- Initial Release