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Version 1 (May 30, 2018)

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Sleepless keeps the device awake. This is similar to a function some roms have called Caffeine.

It's useful for making sure the device does not sleep while doing updates, downloading a large file, or completing a benchmark or other task that takes a lot of time for some examples.

There are two options that can be set; battery level and power only.

Battery Level (batteryLevel)
This sets the battery level at which the flow will stop keeping the device awake. This is useful for protecting the battery from discharging too low. Default is 25.

Power Only (powerOnly)
If you only want Sleepless to work while the device is connected to power. Default is 0. 0 is false and 1is true.

You can set the options above in the flowchart. Just tap the blocks at the top that say"set variable" and change the value.

For usage, I recommend creating an Automate widget on your homescreen and setting its icon to the eye.

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