Root battery saver

by Sasha Rosenthal

Version 6 (December 5, 2018)

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A powerful battery saver which requires root. No premium required. Helps save battery and extends battery almost indefinintely while phone is locked.

-Enables battery saver on flow start if possible.
-Sets brightness to 11.5% on flow start
-Auto shutdown below 10% battery if phone is locked, Prompts shutdown if phone is unlocked, then waits 10 minutes and tries again.
-Lowers cpu speed to 1% on screen off, 10% on screen on, and sets it to ondemand on unlock
-Disables data on lock
-Disables wifi on lock (if not charging), reenables on unlock
-Disables bluetooth on lock, reenables on unlock
-Disables sync on lock reenables on unlock
-Disables orientation sensor on lock reenables on unlock

V1.5 - changed block order so the flow finishes setting everything up after unlocking faster. Now automatically enables battery saver again. New setup with changing cpu speed on screen off/on. Changed cpu speed on unlock from interactive to ondemand. Now sets brightness on start. Fixed more words.
V1.4 - learned about a feature of automate that allowed simplification of the autoshutdown. Removed enabling power save mode as this seemed to cause an issue.
V1.3 - added sync and orientation enabling/disabling. Fixed some words in flow description.
V1.2 - made autoshutdown compatible with start on boot (before the autoshutdown fiber ended after shutdown. Now it goes into 10min waiting period before next battery check once the device boots.)
V1.1 - Fixed a bug where if phone went below 10% and you chose stay on it would still try to shut down every 10min even after charging back above 10%.
V1 - Release

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