🤐 Secrets 🤐

by Alecontin XD

Version 7 (August 30, 2018)

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V7 avatible!
🤐 Secrets 🤐 is a free application, perfect for saving your darkest secrets

It is very intuitive and safe, you just need to memorize or save the IDs of your secrets

In V3 and above, you can use Custom IDs

The IDs and Text are saved in the Flow, not in the Phone Storage, which makes this application even more secure

In V5 and above, you can write "!lock:password" or "!lock: password" to make your secret super secure! 😱

*TIP: You can use multiple !lock

You can generate as many random IDs as you want, the odds of you getting 2 identical IDs are practically zero

Have fun exploring other features of this application!

In case you find a bug you can share it in the comments and I will do my best to solve it!

Update Log:
V7: Fixed "Delete Bug"
V6: Changed Something
V5: Added !lock... Command?
V4: Fixed ID in update 3, sorry for that
V3: Added CUSTOM SECRETS option
V2: Solved Bug
V1: Flow Relase

How to use !lock
Write !lock: password
Or !lock:password
In your secret

To do:
- Compress the flow (remove some blocks)


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