Auto brightness

by Christofer Minth

Version 7 (July 4, 2018)

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Customizable brightness adjustment. (It does the same as the "auto brightness" function of the smartphone, but it is more customizable.) Even it stops to adjust if the screen is turned off. Also it works with enabled "auto brightness" and recognise if the brightness was manually adjusted.

For no premium see "Auto brightness simplified".

-Linear: The "ascent" determines the brightness at the same light intensity - the larger the brighter. "shift" determines the initial brightness - if negative, then the minimal brightness is larger than 0; if "shift" is positive, then there is a minimal point where it starts to get brighter.
-Polynomial: "start" or rather "end" determine the light intensities for which the selected brightness or 100 percent brightness is to be set. "increase" regulates the increase - if lower than one, there is a larger increment at the end; if greater than one, there is a larger increment at the start.

-Little improvements.
-Bugs fixed.

Change log:
-Bug fixed.
-Little improvements.