Message Forward

by GS W

Version 3 (July 10, 2018)

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Version 3:
Add warning for low battery level. Please input your e-mail configuration again in Block #14.
1. Fix a bug for rechecking network status. Feel so sorry to say that this problem is caused by my carelessly removeing the link between "NO" and "IN" of Block #8.
2. Delete the useless parameters related to subscription.
3. If you have insert another SIM Card, consider stop and restart this flow.

Automatically forward SMS to email. Here is the 3 things you need to do before start:
1. check if you have grant permission to Automate, especially you are the first time to use Automate(The checkbox in this flow might show a wrong state, a rechecking is needed in this situation);
2. fill your own mailbox config in Block #5, both sender(SMTP Server Hostname or IP, Port, Connection Security, From) and receiver(To);
3. set your sender as a whitelist address in your receiver email to prevent spam checking (when you receive too many SMS in a short time).

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