⏱️Personalized Alarms😴

by Jorge Esteban Caballero Rodríguez

Version 2 (July 1, 2018)

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This flow it's free (19 blocks) !

Add many alarms that repeat on the days of your choosing.

This flow is designed so you can set up many recurrent alarms at the same time, like for example to wake up for work or class. It supports the use of weekdays for repeat purposes, i used the flow "Auto Settings" as a base.

First, I'll ask for a starting time (hour) and for the weekdays it will be repeated on.

Then, for how many alarms you want to set up on the session.

After that it will ask for how many minutes before the time you selected you would want the alarm to be added (default is 0), and lastly it will keep asking for how many minutes before the last alarm you added you want to add your next alarm (default is 5).

It will keep doing so until you add the number of alarms you asked.

I am compiling some flows for a multi tool of sorts, mostly for personal use but I'm open to ideas as to which would be cool.

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