Google Play Alarm Music

by Leo Cyprian

Version 4 (July 10, 2018)

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Has been updated 10/7/18.
To launch, use the Google Play Alarm Trigger flow.
Update: Now requires two other flows but has hopefully fixed some recursion problems.
This flow should start the trigger flow if it completes through the full hour of alarm (i.e. the final box) and should be started and restarted by the trigger and dismiss flows.

Weekdays set to 7:00am.
Weekends set to 8:00am.
Small snooze set to 3min.
Snoozes to the next quarter hour 3 times.

Choose your playlist before the alarm starts (I.e. Before going to sleep).
To 'small snooze' reduce volume to between 1% and 40%.
Snooze by manually pausing music or lowering volume to 0%.
Dismiss is now a dialogue box.