👩‍💻 G.R.E.V.A. Vocal Assistant V1.1

by Vladimir Da Lima

Version 3 (July 18, 2018)

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Say Hello to GREVA! The first fully touchless vocal assistant on automate!

~ [Premium Flow], 153 Blocks ~

• Why this flow is innovative?
- Because you can activate GREVA without touching you phone!
• How?
- You only need to call Google now saying "Ok Google" and GREVA will start listening you!

(This will not allow you to use Google Now when this flow is running)

~~~~~~~~~~~ Changelog~~~~~~~~~~~
Version 1.1:
*Added music command (Next, Previous, Stop)

➖️➖️➖️ Feature ➖️➖️➖️
• After you first use, you can stop and start this flow at your leisure, GREVA will be remember you

• Auto Update: every time you start this flow, it will search if there are a updated version

• Command by keyword: GREVA will execute the commands based on the keywords contained in the sentences you will tell them

➖️➖️➖️ COMMANDS ➖️➖️➖️
• On (Bluetooth/WiFi)
• Off (Bluetooth/WiFi)
• Lock (Turn off your screen)
• Start/Open (Whatsapp/Telegram/Spotify)
• Play/Music/Song (Start music on your default music player)
• Play/Music/Song + Spotify (Start music on Spotify)
• Change/Name (Change your name)
• Apk/Extract (Extract the Apk of an app of your choice)
• Next (Next song)
• Previous (Previous song)
• Stop (Stop music)

➖️ ➖️ ➖️ ➖️ ➖️ ➖️
Do you like my idea?
Do you have any suggestions?
Do you want to work with me?

Write me a email!
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