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Version 3 (August 3, 2018)

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Easy to setup multi apps with UI - Schedule by day/time, Location, Text filter, Headphones only. No edit required!

• Easy to add which notifications to read aloud. Just start the add flow
• Easy to see/delete current setup notifications by using the list/delete flow
• Read aloud can be set not to read out during certain days and times
• Read aloud can be set to only happen in a selected location from a map such as at home
• Read aloud can be set to work only with headphones plugged in. The sound will come through the headphones
• Each setup read aloud notification works independently so can have different rules per app
• Filter notifications that are read by text in the title
• Notifications won't be read if do not disturb is on or on a phone call
• Auto update for future versions

Change Log
v3 - 3rd August 2018
• Notifications won't be read if you are on a phone call

v2 - 23rd July 2018
• Added the ability to config read aloud notifications to a location
• Fixed issue where selected disabled days were ignored and all days were disabled between selected time.
• Fixed issue with deleting setup read aloud notifications. As it was always deleting the first one.
• If no time is set it will now correctly show as blank in list

* The above issues happened as my flow got rolled back just before the initial release so had to do a quick rebuild*

v1 - 17th July 2018
• Initial release

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