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Version 4 (July 28, 2018)

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Provides notification when a new movie or show is trending. Data used from Trakt.tv. Clicking the notification opens the trakt.tv website with the movie/show page.

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Trakt.tv is where a lot of the Kodi plugins get the people watching/trending data.

If this is useful I will continue to add new features and more than just trending functionality. So keep an eye on the flow for updates.

• Gets the current trending movies & shows from the trakt.tv api.
• If there is a new trending movie or show then it provides a notification. Uses average data over last 24 hours
• Clicking the notification opens the movie/show page on the trakt.tv website
• Updates the trending movies/shows every 30 minutes

Note: The api key used is on a fresh account I made for this so don't worry about using it.

Change Log
v4 (28th July 2018):
• Fixed shows notification showing often
• Notifications are now run on separate fibers to allow new data to still be fetched while displayed

v3 (28th July 2018):
• Changed data to be updated every 30 minutes on delay(inexact & no awake). Provides better results!
• Added trending show notification
• Changed title from "Trakt.tv Trending Movie" to "Trending Movie & Show"

v2 (20th July 2018):
• Rebuilt to save on a database and improve.
• Trending data will be fetched no more than every 30 minutes
• Data is kept for 24 hours and average is used of trending movies. This makes the notifications more relevant.
• Added auto update

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